Commercial Use Authorizations

Grand Canyon National Park is continuing to evaluate and adapt to changing COVID-19 guidance, and to adjust operations as needed.

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Update for issuing 2021 CUAs

Please read the letter from Grand Canyon National Park's Superintendent sent to 2020 CUA holders on the Park's plan for issuing CUAs for 2021:

"Dear Commercial Use Authorization holder:

As stated in the letter that was sent to you dated June 10, 2020, l paused additional access to Grand Canyon National Park for Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) holders to further review the developing situation of increasing cases of COVID-19 here at Grand Canyon National Park, northern Arizona, the State, and the County. In the letter I sent you dated September 18, 2020, I allowed Backpacking and/or Day Hiking CUA holders in addition to the CUA holders who were already operating in the Park after the pause. This amounted to 87 companies holding 106 CUAs providing a variety of services to the Park.

In light of the fact that we are still in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic and conditions have not improved, I have decided to maintain the pause and thus not allow additional commercial operations in the Park. What this means for the 2021 calendar year is that I will allow the continued access to Grand Canyon National Park for the 87 companies currently operating in the Park. However, this is not an extension of their 2020 CUA. These companies must submit a 2021 CUA application, updated COVID- 19 Mitigation Plan, and payment for all related fees. Additionally, these companies may only apply for services they are currently providing.

This decision was not made lightly. We have consulted with the NPS Public Health Officer and CUA Program Managers to evaluate an equitable and safe way to balance providing recreational services to Park visitors while complying with federal, state, and local provisions designed to slow the spread of COVlD-19. My top priority is the health and safety of visitors, Park staff; and the community.

As the COVID-19 pandemic runs its course, operational conditions within the park are subject to change. This could include closures, changes in operational hours, availability of facilities, suspension or further modification of CUA activities, etc. We will notify all CUA holders of any changes in operations in writing. Should the situation improve, we will reevaluate authorizing additional CUAs. The Commercial Services Division will contact these 87 companies with instructions for the 2021 season.

The Adaptive Operation Team and I meet weekly to evaluate the status of COVID-19 and look forward to expanding commercial services in Grand Canyon National Park when it becomes safe to do so. Please contact the Permit Office via
email with any questions."

Authorized CUA holders must comply with the following conditions:

  • Group sizes must not exceed 10 people. That number includes the driver/guide/company employees in the vehicle.
  • Operational conditions within the park are subject to change. This could include closures, changes in operational hours, availability of facilities, suspension or further modification of CUA activities, etc.
  • A COVID-19 Mitigation Plan must be developed and submitted to the Commercial Permits Office for review. Plans must incorporate any applicable guidelines from: CDC; OSHA; FDA; and state and local governments. There is no specific format for your COVID-19 Mitigation Plan.
  • After the COVID-19 Mitigation Plan has been reviewed for compliance with CDC, OSHA, FDA, and state and local governments, and depending on local conditions, the Commercial Services Permit Office will provide written acknowledgement of the plan to the CUA applicant. All plans will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis.
  • Commercial services providers must have, as part of the COVID-19 Mitigation Plan, procedures for discontinuing services or activities; shutting down facilities, equipment and services; and conducting appropriate decontamination cleaning should the need arise. Commercial Service providers may also be asked to coordinate with the Office of Public Health to conduct exposure tracing and the quarantining/isolating of individuals.
  • Each CUA applicant will be required to have their COVID-19 Mitigation Plan and the CUA permit in the vehicle at all times when operating inside the park and available upon request.
  • Authorized group sizes have been temporarily modified to 10 or less, including the driver/guide and any employees. Grand Canyon National Park does not have a time frame on when CUA group sizes will be increased.
  • The CUA holder is responsible for implementing its COVID-19 Mitigation Plan for its employees and customers and taking appropriate actions so that their COVID-19 Mitigation Plan procedures are followed. If not, the group could be asked to leave the park and the CUA permit for that company could be suspended or revoked based on 36 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 1.5.
  • The Park’s shuttle system will not be in operation so please adjust your itinerary to account for this.
  • Parking will likely be a challenge. Make sure all drivers are properly and correctly parked. Do not cut corners and park in an inappropriate area “for just a few minutes”.
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Updates to conduct business in Grand Canyon National Park

Commercial Use Authorizations (CUAs) are required for all commercial visitor services provided by a company or organization not based in the park.

  • You must be in possession of a valid permit if you wish to conduct business inside Grand Canyon National Park.
  • Make sure to apply 4 weeks before your first trip/event. Expect your permit to be ready approximately 30 days from when you submit a complete packet.
  • Please be sure to fill in ALL the blanks in your application forms. Type forms. Incomplete packets will not be processed until complete.
    • One of the best ways to get a permit quickly is under your control: read directions carefully and present us with a complete packet. Less than 5% of our applications are complete.
    • Applications cannot be expedited. We receive hundreds of applications each year, especially in winter and spring, and process complete applications in the order they are received.
  • 2020 Annual Reports are due January 31, 2021. (Note: each CUA needs a separate annual report.)
    • If we do not receive your annual report by the due date, your 2021 CUA will be revoked.
    • Do NOT send your market price payment with the annual report. 2020 rates are full percentage market price and will be calculated after we receive your annual report.
  • CUAs are valid for the calendar year only. Companies will need to reapply each year. No renewal reminders are sent. Please refer to this website for any relevant updates.

To apply for a CUA, please click here.

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E-bikes are not allowed for commercial use in Grand Canyon National Park.

In order to collect the Market Price Management Fee for applicable 2020 CUA holders, the permits office needs first to review your submitted Annual Report. The Annual Report is due January 31 of the next year. After reviewing each CUA holder's annual report, the permits office will send a separate email with the Market Price Calculator. CUA holders will use this calculator to confirm the total CUA fees due (gross reciepts earned minus the application fee). This payment process will be through and is separate from current application fees.

Current entrance fees are based on seating capacity.

Bus drivers must pay for each new client load they bring in. Receipts cannot be used for multiple busloads of clients. For example, a driver brings in 30 clients from LA one day, drops them off and the next day has a group of 34 clients from Las Vegas. The receipt for the LA clients is good for 7 days, but only with that particular client group. The bus driver cannot use the receipt from the LA clients to enter with the Vegas clients.

Please contact the permitting office for the 10-115 form, or the specific application form. e-mail us for more information.

Contact the Commercial Services Office: e-mail us

Backcountry campsite
Backcountry campsite

Backcountry Camping Permits
for Overnight Backpacking Operators

In addition to the CUA, Backpacking CUA holders are required to obtain all necessary backcountry camping permits from the Backcountry Information Center. Find more information about Backpacking Permits on the Backcountry Permits page.

CUA Backcountry Permit Request Form (400kb PDF File)

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