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El Malpais National Monument encompass over 114,000 acres. Whether you have an hour or a week, this area offers experiences that range from scenic drives and self-guided trails to remote wilderness exploration.

Whatever your choice, come prepared! You can explore this website or download the official NPS App to plan your trip. If you are already in the El Malpais region, you can stop at our visitor center where staff can help you decide where to go next.

The NPS Trip Planning Guide is a great tool to help you plan and prepare for any national park adventure.

  • Sandstone rock formations with black lava landscape in the distance and stormy skies.
    Basic Information

    Just learning about El Malpais? Find out the basic information you need to visit New Mexico's largest national monument!

  • road with yellow signs on edge curves around the base of a tall sandstone cliff

    Where's the monument? Find out how to get here and navigate this volcanic landscape with few roads.

  • Picnic benches under a red awning on a concrete platform.
    Eating and Sleeping

    Learn about camping, dining, and picnicking options in and around El Malpais.

  • A wooden trail marker on the edge of a trail through a grassland leading to a forest.
    Places To Go

    Oh, the places you'll go at El Malpais! Find the perfect spot to take in the sites, get some information, or start a hike.

  • Cavers dressed in hardhats with backpacks climb up a series of boulders out of a cave.
    Things To Do

    Adventure abounds at El Malpais. Explore all you can do both above and below the lava.

  • Sandstone arch set in the middle of a tall sandstone cliff with a sidewalk leading up to it
    Nearby Attractions

    Learn more about other fascinating places to visit near El Malpais.

  • Two hikers walk across a sandstone trail.

    Make sure you're prepared for adventures in this unforgiving lava landscape.

  • Black and white dog with an orange harness sits next to a trail sign

    While El Malpais is pet friendly, not all hikes are paw friendly. Learn the best places to explore with your dog (on leash, of course)!

  • A park ranger in hiking gear and sun protection shows a hiker something on his phone.
    Plan Like A Park Ranger

    Learn from the pros how to prepare for a trip to El Malpais!

Last updated: May 13, 2023

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