Grasshopper cannon with blue wheels
Battle of Cowpens

The Battle of Cowpens was an important victory for the Patriot forces in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolutionary War.

British jacket on tent.
Southern Campaign

After a stalemate in the north, the Southern Campaign was a series of engagements and battles that led to the British defeat at Yorktown.

Reenactors firing muskets

Many people in South Carolina experienced The American Revolutionary War as a Civil War.

Several 18th century tents in a line
Feeding Armies

Food was essential to keep armies in the fight.

Two reenactors speaking in camp
48 Hours Following the Battle of Cowpens

The battle's aftermath caused a series of events experienced by British and Patriot forces.

Soldier working on equipment
British Units at Cowpens

Several British units served at the Battle of Cowpens.

Blue coat on tent
Patriot Minorites at Battle of Cowpens

People from many backgrounds were present at the Battle of Cowpens.

Historic photograph of the USS Cowpens
USS Cowpens

Two U.S. Navy Ships were named after the Battle of Cowpens.

Three reenactors fire muskets in a cloud of smoke
Black Powder Weapons

Discover black powder weapons of the Southern Campaign.


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