Non-Commercial Organized Groups

Organized groups such as Scouts, Rotary, Clubs, Youth Groups, Churches, Reunions, etc. that do not qualify for an Academic Fee Waiver are charged as follows:

Vehicles with a Passenger Capacity of 16 Persons or More

Non-commercial groups entering the monument in a bus or vehicle with a capacity of 16 persons or more must pay the per-person entrance fee of $15 (USD fifteen) for each person on board. Exceptions:

  • Anyone who is 15 or younger is exempt from paying an entrance fee.
  • Passes may be used for entry as defined on the pass (pass holder plus three additional people).
  • The total fee charged must not exceed the equivalent commercial fee for that type of vehicle.
  • In many cases, the driver will have been hired for transportation only and is exempt from paying the entrance fee.

Vehicles with a Passenger Capacity of Fewer Than 16 Persons

Non-commercial and family groups in family-sized vehicle(s) (i.e., vehicles with a capacity of fewer than 16 passengers, such as cars, station wagons, mini-vans, etc.) entering the monument will pay the vehicle entrance fee of $25 (USD twenty-five). Passes may be used for up to 7 consecutive days, including the day of purchase.

Last updated: November 30, 2023

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