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The main office location for the National Park Service Chesapeake Bay is in the neighborhood of Eastport, on Spa Creek, looking towards historic Annapolis, Maryland.

Some staff members are stationed in Virginia and in Pennsylvania, and one staff position is shared with our principal non-profit partner, Chesapeake Conservancy. Several interns and staffers are working with us and partners on Chesapeake Youth Corps workforces and career development.

410 Severn Avenue Suite 314
Annapolis, MD 21403
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

General Information: 410-260-2470

Chuck Hunt, Superintendent: 410-260-2471
Jonathan Doherty, Assistant Superintendent: 410-260-2477
Bob Campbell, Chief of Planning & Development: 410-260-2478
Jamie Cupples, Administrative Officer: 410-260-2476
Cindy Chance: 410-260-2492

Amy Handen: 410-260-2493
Mike Land: 410-260-2487
Kate Marks Hardy: 410-260-248
Telva Reid: 410-260-2470

Virginia-based staff:

John Davy: 804-749-4472
Christine Lucero: 757-856-1213

Pennsylvania-based staff:

Jackie Kramer: 410-271-8731

Shared staff with Chesapeake Conservancy:

Carolyn Black: 757-856-1244
Jake Leizear: 410-260-2482

Interns and staffers:

Kelsey Everett: 410-260-2475
Drew Pizzala: 410-260-2479

Last updated: February 23, 2018

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Mailing Address:

410 Severn Avenue
Suite 314

Annapolis, MD 21403


(410) 260-2470

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