Rock Strata

This sequence shows the rock layers from youngest (top) to oldest (bottom). For clarity, some layers have been included that are not found within the park, but are visible from locations near the park boundary, such as the visitor center. The most dominant rock layers at Arches are the Navajo Sandstone through the Slick Rock Member of the Entrada.

Name of Rock Stratum Geologic Period Millions of Years Ago
Abajo, Henrys and La Sal Mountains Tertiary 1.6 to 66
Mancos Shale Cretaceous 66 to 144
Dakota Sandstone
Cedar Mountain Formation
Morrison Formation, Brushy Basin Member Jurassic 144 to 208
Morrison Formation, Salt Wash Member
Morrison Formation, Tidwell Member
Curtis Formation, Moab Member
Entrada Sandstone, Slick Rock Member
Carmel Formation, Dewey Bridge Member
Navajo Sandstone
Kayenta Formation
Wingate Sandstone
Chinle Formation Triassic 208 to 245
Moenkopi Formation
Cutler Group, Undivided Permian 245 to 286
Honaker Trail Formation Pennsylvanian 286 to 320
Paradox Formation

Last updated: February 26, 2019

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