New York State Monument

Dedicated: 1920

Location: Just north of the park Visitor Center

Map Number: 44

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New York State Monument
New York State Monument

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Monument Text:
The State of New York in commemoration of the Services of its officers and soldiers in the Battle of Antietam, Sept. 17, 1862

Record of New York State at Antietam
67 Regiments of Infantry
5 Regiments of Cavalry
14 Batteries of Artillery
2 Regiments of Engineers

New York's losses on this field were 65 officers and 624 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded; 110 officers and 2687 enlisted men wounded and 2 officers and 277 men captured or missing, making a total of 3765.

General Officers from New York State in command.

Corps Commanders
Maj. Gen. Edwin V. Sumner, 2nd C.
Maj. Gen. Fitz John Porter, 5th C.
Division Commanders
Maj. Gen. Henry W. Slocum
Maj. Gen. George W. Morell
Maj. Gen. Darius N. Couch
Brig. Gen. James B. Ricketts
Brig. Gen. Abner Doubleday
Brig. Gen. George S. Greene
Brigade Commanders
Brig. Gen. M.R. Patrick
Brig. Gen. Abram Duryee
Brig. Gen. Thomas F. Meagher
Brig. Gen. Geo. L. Hartsuff
Brig. Gen. Max Weber
Brig. Gen. Erastus B. Tyler
Brig. Gen. John Cochrane
Brig. Gen. Edward Ferrero
Brig. Gen. G. K. Warren
Col. Wm. H. Christian
Col. Walter Phelps, Jr.
Col. T. B. W. Stockton
Col. Joseph J. Bartlett
Col. H.S. Fairchild
Col. John Burke
Col. William B. Goodrich
Col. Wm. P. Wainwright
Lt. Col. Jonathan Austin
Lt. Col. James C. Lane

Erected A. D. 1919
Under the auspices of the New York Monument Commission Co. Lewis R. Stegman, Chairman; Col. Clinton Beckwith, Charles A. Shaw, U.S.C.; Brig. Gen. Charles W. Berry, Adj. Gen. S.N.Y.


New York Officers killed or mortally wounded at Antietam

Maj. Albert Arndt. 1st Batt. Lt. Art.

Capt. John S. Downs, 4th Inf.

Lt. Henry K. Chapman, 4th Inf.

Lt. Hugo Loetze, 7th Inf.

Capt. Charles Huesler, 7th Inf.

Lt. Edward A. Cooper, 9th Inf.

Lt. Gustav A. Lorenz, 20th Inf.

Lt. Jacob Pabst, 20th Inf.

Lt. Charles Voelker, 20th Inf.

Lt. Samuel Dexter, 42nd Inf.

Lt. Andrew L. Fowler, 51st Inf.

Lt. Henry A. Folger, 57th Inf.

Lt. Henry H. Highbee, 57th Inf.

Lt.Col. John L. Stetson,59th Inf.

Lt. William H. Smurr, 59th Inf.

Col. William B. Goodrick, 60th Inf.

Capt. Manton C. Angell, 61st Inf.

Capt. John Kavanagh, 63rd Inf.

Lt. Patrick W. Lydon, 63rd Inf.

Lt. Cadwalader Smith, 63rd Inf.

Lt. Henry McConnell, 63rd Inf.

Lt. James E. Mackey, 63rd Inf.

Lt. Timothy Daley, 63rd Inf.

Lt. George Lynch, 63rd Inf.

Lt. Frederick M. Crissey, 66th Inf.

Capt. Felix Duffy, 69th Inf.

Lt. John Conway, 69th Inf.

Lt. Patrick J. Kelly, 69th Inf.

Lt. Charles Williams, 69th Inf.

Capt. Timothy L. Shanley, 69th Inf.

Lt. Ansel Denison, 77th Inf.

Capt. Peter M.G. Mitchell, 78th Inf.

Lt. Adolph Frick, 20th Inf.

Lt. Louis Kraus, 20th Inf.

Capt. Robert Merkle, 20th Inf.

Lt. Louis Roth, 20th Inf.

Lt. Christian Lohman,20th Inf.

Lt. Charles Cushing, 22nd Inf.

Lt. Clarence E. Hill, 34th Inf.

Capt.James R.Barnett, 35th Inf.

Capt.Charles McPherson, 42nd Inf

Capt. Edward H. Wade, 59th Inf.

Capt. Abraham Florentine, 59th Inf.

Capt. Miller Moody, 59th Inf.

Capt. Gould J. Jennings, 59th Inf.

Lt. Stephen G. Roosa, 59th Inf.

Lt. Benjamin Vansteinberg, 59th Inf.

Lt. Pierson B. Peterson, 78th Inf.

Lt. Martin H. Swarthout, 80th Inf.

Capt. David Myers, 84th Inf.

Capt. John O'C. Joyce, 88th Inf.

Capt. Patrick F. Clooney, 89th Inf.

Lt. Garret Vaningen, 89th Inf.

Lt. Louis Delormi, 97th Inf.

Capt. M. Eugene Cornell, 102nd Inf.

Capt. Henry A. Sand, 103rd Inf.

Lt. William Brandt, 103rd Inf.

Capt. John Kelly, 104th Inf.

Lt. Charles C. Buckley, 105th Inf.

Col. Howard Carroll, 105th Inf.

Maj. George B. Force, 108th Inf.

Lt. David B. Tarbox, 108th Inf.

Lt. Robert E. Holmes, 108th Inf.


New York Commands at Antietam


1st Cav. Maj. Alonzo W. Adams

2nd Cav. 4 cos. Capt. John E. Naylor

6th Cav. 2 cos. Capt. Henry W. Lyon

6th Cav. Capt. Riley Johnson

6th Cav. 8 cos. Col Thomas C. Devin

8th Cav. Col. Benjamin F. Davis

Oneida Cav. Capt. Daniel P. Mann


1st Reg. Lt. Artillery Bat.

B. Capt. Rufus D. Pettit

Bat. C. Capt. Almot Barnes

Bat. G. Capt. John D. Frank

Bat. L. Capt. Jno.A. Reynolds

Bat. M. Capt. Geo. W. Cothran

2nd Reg. Light Artillery

Bat. L. Capt. Jacob Roemer

1st Battalion Light Artillery

Bat. A. Lt. Bernhard Wever

Bat. B. Lt. Alfred Von Kleiser

Bat. C. Capt. Robert Langner

Independent Light Batteries

1st Capt. Andrew Cowan

3rd Capt. William Stuart

5th Capt. Elijzh D. Taft

10th Capt. John T. Bruen


15th Reg. Col. John McL.Murphy

50th Reg. Lt. Col. Wm. H. Pettes


4th Lt. Col. John D. McGregor

5th Capt. Cleveland Winslow

7th Capt. Charles Brestel

9th Lt. Col. Edgar A. Kimball

10th Lt. Col. John W. Marshall

12th Capt. William Huson

13th Col. Elisha G. Marshall

14th Col. James McQuade

16th Lt. Col. J. Seaver

17th Lt. Col. Nelson B. Bartram

18th Lt. Col. George R. Myers

20th Col. Ernest Von Vegesack

21st Col. William F. Rogers

22nd Lt. Col. John McKie, Jr.

23rd Col. Henry C. Hoffman

24th Capt. John D. O'Brian

24th Lt. John Ratigan

25th Col. Charles A. Johnson

26th Lt. Col.R.H. Richardson

27th Lt. Col. Alex. D. Adams

28th Capt. Wm. H.H. Mapes

30th Col. Wm. M. Searing

31st Lt. Col.Francis E.Pinto

32nd Col. Roderick Matheson

32nd Maj. George F. Lemon

33rd Lt.Col.Joseph W.Corning

34th Col. James A. Suiter

35th Col. Newton B. Lord

36th Col. Wm. H. Browne

42nd Lt.Col. Geo. N. Bomford

42nd Maj. James E. Mallon

43rd Maj. John Wilson

44th Maj. Freeman Conner

46th Lt.Col. Joseph Gerhardt

49th Lt. Col. Wm.C. Alberger

49th Maj. George W. Johnson

52nd Col. Paul Frank

57th Lt.Col.Philip J.Parisen

57th Maj. Alford B. Chapman

59th Col. William T. Tidball

60th Lt. Col.Chas.R.Brundage

62nd Col. David J. Nevin

61st Col. F.C. Barlow 63rd Col. John Burke

63rd Lt.Col. Henry Fowler

63rd Maj. Richard C. Bentley

63rd Capt. Joseph O'Neil

64th Lt.Col. Nelson A. Miles

65th Col. Alexander Shaler

66th Lt.Col. James H. Bull

66th Capt. Julius Wehle

67th Julis W. Adams

69th Lt. Col. James Kelly

69th Maj. James Cavanagh

76th Col. Wm. P. Wainwright

76th Capt. John W. Young

77th Capt. Nathan S. Babcock

78th Lt. Col. Jonathan Austin

78th Capt. Henry R. Stagg

79th Lt. Col. David Morrison

80th Lt. Col. Theodore B. Gates

82nd Col. Henry W. Hudson

83rd Lt. Col. Wm. Atterbury

84th Maj. Wm. H. DeBevoise

88th Lt. Col. Patrick Kelly

89th Maj. Edward Jardine

93rd Lt. Col. Benj. C. Butler

94th Lt. Col. C. Littlefield

95th Maj. Edward Pye

97th Maj. Charles Northrup

102nd Lt. Col. James C. Lane

102nd Capt. Daniel M. Elmore

103rd Maj. Benjamin Ringgold

104th Maj. Lewis C. Skinner

105th Col. Howard Carroll

107th Col. R.B. Van Valkenburg

108th Col. Oliver H. Palmer

121st Col. Richard Franchot

122nd Col. Silas Titus

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