War Correspondents Memorial Arch

Dedicated: October 16, 1896
Location: Crampton's Gap at South Mountain
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War Correspondents Memorial Arch
War Correspondents Memorial Arch

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Monument Text:
Sept. 14 - 62 - 96
To the Army Correspondents
Artists 1861-65

Whose toils cheered the fireside
Educated provinces of rustics into
a bright nation of readers
and gave incentive to narrate
distant wars and explore dark lands.

Erected by subscriptions

North side of Monument:

O wondrous youth
Through this grand ruth
Runs my boy's life, its thread
The General's fame, the battle's name
The rolls of maimed and dead
I bear with my thrilled soul astir
And lonely thoughts and fears
And am but history's courier
To bind the conquering years
A battle's ray, through ages gray
To light to deeds sublime
And flash the lustre of my day
Down all the aisles of time
War Correspondent Ballad - 1865
Directory of Army Correspondent Memorial
Governor Lloyd Lowndee
George Alfred Townsend
John Hay
Richard C. McCormick
Edmund C. Stedman
Henry Watterson
Whitelaw Reid
Joseph B. McCullogh
Crosby S. Noyes
Nathaniel Paige
Edward W. Mealey
John L. Smithmeyer, Architect
Junius Henri Browne
James Elverson
Francis A. Richardson
Victor Lawson
John G. Moore
Daniel Houser

South side of Monument:

Army Artists

J.A. Becker
H. Bensancon

F. Beard

A. Berghaus

C.E. H. Bonuill

A. McCallum

S.S. Davis

W.R. McComas

F. Dielman

E.F. Mullen

G. Ellsbury

Fred Shell
S. Fox
W.L. Sheppard
C.E. Hillen
J.S. Trexler
E.B. Hough
G.F. Williams
J.F. Laycock
W. Waud


P.W. Alexander

Geo. Perry

Durant Daponte

Jas. B. Sener

F.g. DeFontaine

W. Shepardson

D.C. Jenkins

Henry Watterson

Geo. W. Olney


M.B. Brady

F.H. Mason

W.T. Crane

Larkin G. Mead

F.O.C. Darley

Henry Mosler

Theo. P. Davis

Frank Shell

Ed. Forbes

Dav. H. Strother

J. S. Jewett

Alfred Waud

Henry Lovi

J.E. Taylor

Arthur Lumley

H. Vizzitelly

Finley Anderson

J.N. Ashley

Adam Badean

T. Barnard

Geo. W. Beman

H. Bentley

W.D. Bickham

A.H. Bodman

Geo. C. Bower

Geo. C. Bower

J.H. Browne

S.T. Buckley

A.H. Byington

S. Cadwallader

S.M. Carpenter

T.M. Cash

F.G. Chapman

E.P. Church

G.W. Clarke

W.C. Church

C.C. Coffin

John A. Cockerill

J. Cook

R.Y. Colburn

E.E. Cuthbert

T.M. Cook

E. Crapsey

N. Davidson

W.E. Davis

E.F. DeNyse


D.B. M. Eaton

L.L. Crounse

J.C. Fitzpatrick

J.P. Dunn

T.B. Glover

C.H. Farrell

C.H. Griffen

R.D. Francis

C. Hannem

T.C. Grey

G.H. Hart

Chas. G. Helpine

John Hay

B. Harding

L.A. Hendricks

J. Hasson

F. Henry

S. Hayes

A.S. Hill

A.P. Henry

E.H. House

V. Hickox

A. Hutson

G.W. Gosmer

W.P. Isham

D.R. Kem

W.H. Kent

Thos. W. Knox

R.C. Long

P.T. McAlpin

Richard C. McCormick

Joseph B. McCullagh

W.H. Merriam

J.E. Norcross

C.S. Noyes

G.H. Osbon

B.F. Osborn

C.A. Page

Nat'l Paige

U.H. Painter

Count De Paris

A. Paul

E.A. Paul

E. Peters

Henry J. Raymond

Whitelaw Reid

Albert D. Richardson

W.H. Runkle

O.G. Sawyer

W.F.G. Shanks

R.H. Shelly

George W. Smalley

Henry M. Stanley

Edmund C. Stedman

Jerome B. Stillson

W.H. Stiner

William Swinton

R.H. Sylvester

Ben. F. Taylor

Geo. Alfred Townsend

B.C. Truman

Henry Villard

J.H. Vosburg

E.W. Wallazz

J.S. Ward

Sam Ward

F. Watson

E.D. Westfall

F.B. Wilkie

Sam Wilkeson

F. Wilkison

A.W. Williams

J.C. Wilson

T.C. Wilson

John Russell Young

W. Young

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