The Narrows Regulations

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Narrows Day Hiking Bottom-Up

  • Wilderness Permits are not required for hiking trips starting at the Temple of Sinawava. (Shuttle Stop #9)

  • Upstream travel in the Virgin River Narrows is not permitted beyond Big Spring.

  • Upstream travel into Orderville Canyon is not permitted 1/4 mile beyond junction.


Wilderness Permits

Permits are required for all top-down 16 mile trips from Chamberlain’s Ranch through the Virgin River Narrows. Permits must be obtained in person the day before the trip starts during normal Hours of Operation.

Plan Ahead and Prepare

  • Be aware of the weather and the Flash Flood Potential rating. Continuously evaluate the weather and adjust plans to keep you and your group safe. Always have a back-up plan.

  • Take action to ensure that your group is self-reliant and aware of the risks involved with hiking in the Virgin River Narrows.

  • Everyone in the group should have the proper equipment, skill level, and physical ability.

  • Know that rescue is not a certainty. Your safety is your responsibility.

Dispose of Waste Properly

  • All Wilderness Permit holders must carry solid human waste out of the Zion Narrows in personal wilderness toilet bags.

  • All Wilderness Permit groups must carry at least one personal wilderness toilet bag per person while hiking.

  • Toilet paper must be carried out.

  • Pack it in, pack it out. Carry out all trash, including food wrappers, apple cores, fruit peels, nut shells, and toilet paper. Dispose of all waste in a proper trash can or dumpster. Recycle the rest.

Leave What You Find

  • Leave rocks, plants, and other natural objects as you find them.

  • Protect the canyon walls from graffiti, vandalism, and muddy handprints. Please do not build rock cairns. Leave the canyon in a natural state for others to enjoy.

Recreational Inflatable Tubes Not Permitted

  • Recreational inflatable tubes are not allowed on any watercourses within the park boundaries.

Group Size Limits

  • The maximum group size limit for the Virgin River Narrows upstream of Orderville Canyon is 12 people.

  • A group is any number of people sharing the same affiliation (e.g., club, scout troop, colleagues, family, friends, etc.) on the same trail on the same day, even if they have multiple permits.

  • Group size limits are strictly enforced. Permits will be denied and violators will be cited if limits are exceeded.

Structured and Guided Activities

  • Structured and/or formally guided activities facilitated by educational, commercial, or like organizations are authorized to occur only on frontcountry trails.

  • Such activities are not authorized to take place in park wilderness areas. (Primitive and Pristine Zones)

Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

  • When hiking in the Zion Narrows please stay in the watercourse to protect vegetation.

  • Using and creating social trails can lead to soil compaction, erosion, and unsightly scars on the landscape.


  • Campfires are prohibited in the Virgin River and throughout the Zion Wilderness.
  • Fuel stoves and lanterns may be used for camping purposes, but should only be lit on bare ground away from all vegetation.
  • In the interest of protection of environmental and scenic values, protection of natural resources, and public safety, these restrictions on fires are necessary.
  • Please do all you can to protect the park from human caused wildfires.

Protect The Wilderness

Wilderness is a rare wild place where one can retreat from civilization, reconnect with the earth and find healing, meaning, and significance. Knowledge, respect, and understanding for these wild and undeveloped places will ensure that they remain spectacular for years to come. To learn more visit the National Park Service Wilderness page and Wilderness Connect.

Leave No Trace

While hiking in Zion, please show respect for your national park and your fellow visitors by following each of the Leave No Trace principles.


Last updated: August 2, 2021

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