A visitor in a wheelchair visits the Old Faithful area.

The Old Faithful area has several
miles of boardwalks and paved paths.

Visitor Information Available Through TDD
People who are hearing impaired may obtain visitor information through TDD 307-344-2386.

These pages are primarily for visitors using wheelchairs or who have other mobility needs. There is general information about wheelchair-accessibility in the park, and some information about audio and visual aids for visitors who need this type of assistance. The table at the bottom of the page has links to each major visitor area with detailed information about wheelchair-accessibility.

Accessibility Coordinator
Many facilities are more than a century old and accessibility is not always ideal. However, we are improving accessibility as quickly as possible within funding limitations. Facilities described as accessible do not necessarily comply fully with federal standards. Some accessible facilities are not marked with the international symbol. Your comments on accessibility are appreciated and should be directed to: Park Accessibility Coordinator; P.O. Box 168; Yellowstone National Park WY 82190-0168.

Access Pass - The Access Pass allows free entrance to federal fee areas and can be shown for some discounts on services. The pass is free for citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. who present
documentation (such as from a licensed physician, the Veteran's
Administration, or a vocational rehabilitation agency) of a
permanent medical disability. The Golden Access Passport
is still valid, but you can trade it in for the new Access Pass.
Obtain the Access Pass at Yellowstone's entrance stations or

Visitors' Guide to Accessible Features - Parkwide

The Yellowstone Park Foundation funded the wheelchairs for the Old Faithful Area Project. They are a non-profit organization whose mission is to fund projects and programs that protect, preserve and enhance Yellowstone National Park.

Audio Assistance

Films shown at the Canyon and Old Faithful visitor education centers include assistive listening devices and captioning. Films shown in other visitor center theaters meet some accessibility needs.

Sign language interpreters are available for ranger programs with three weeks advance notice. Call 307-344-2251.

All public telephones in the park have volume control. Inquire locally for locations.

Public TTY Service will be available is available in all major areas: 307.344.2386.

Did You Know?