Hollenberg Pony Express Station

A large wooden barn with a sloping roof.
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The Hollenberg ranch house was built on Cottonwood Creek about 1857 by Gerat H. Hollenberg to capitalize on the Oregon-California emigrant trade that passed his door. In addition to living quarters for the Hollenberg family, the building served as a neighborhood grocery store, a tavern, and an unofficial post-office. Emigrants were able to obtain provisions at the ranch. Three years later, it became a Pony Express home station and later a stage station.

Dr. C.M. Clark reached Cottonwood Creek in 1860 and found "a small stream which is dry during the summer months. The approach to it is winding and steep, and as the bed of the stream contains several large stones at the ford, some care is necessary in driving. There are two good springs here, but no wood. The Stage Company have a station here, and there is also one or two other buildings."

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The original building still stands. It is a rare example of a Pony Express station that still stands unaltered in its original location. A new visitor center with interpretive exhibits has been erected near the historic building.


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