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We've moved to a new location!

Although we moved back to the Main Interior Building in May 2017, we're moving again within the building.

Our telephone numbers and email addresses will REMAIN THE SAME. Our fax number will change, but the number is not available yet.

Our new mailing address, as of Monday, April 26, 2018, is:

National Park Service
Office of International Affairs
1849 C Street, NW
Mail Stop 2262, Cube # 22
Washington, DC 20240

If you visit the Main Interior Building in Washington, DC, stop by and see us in our new location.

By Phone
(202) 354-1800

By Fax
To be determined

By Person

Stephen Morris
Chief of the Office of International Affairs, World Heritage Program Coordinator
(202) 354-1803

April Brooks
Foreign Travel Clearances, Administrative Support, Financial Planning
(202) 354-1808

Jonathan Putnam
Western Hemisphere, World Heritage: Natural Properties
(202) 354-1809

Linda Bennett
International Volunteers in Parks Coordinator, European Programs
(202) 354-1806

Rudy D'Alessandro
Arctic, Asia, Pacific, Foreign Travel Certifications
(202) 354-1805

David Krewson
African and the Middle East Program Support, Web Development,
Junior Ranger Coordinator
(202) 354-1807

Leigh Welling, PhD
Senior Advisor for International Climate Change Programs
(970) 225-3515

Japanese interpretive rangers at a national park site in Hawaii.
Japanese students and NPS park rangers with an OIA staff member (blue shirt at far right) at the 2014 US/Japan Interpretive Training Seminar in Hawaii.

NPS Image.

Last updated: February 21, 2018

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