Trails of Hot Springs National Park

Hot spring water running down a funnel from Hot Springs Mountain
Hot spring water running down from Hot Spring Mountain on Tufa Terrace Trail

NPS Photo/Mitch Smith

Walking paths have long been a part of Hot Springs National Park and the preceding Hot Springs Reservation. Today those walking paths form the base of the park’s trail system. There are two concentrated areas of hiking trails within the park, the Hot Springs and North Mountain Trails and the West Mountain Trails. Both of these areas are composed of relatively short, interconnected trails. The Sunset Trail is a longer trail that travels through more remote areas of the park.


Paper trail maps can be found at the Fordyce Bathhouse and Visitor Center. Digital maps with real-time GPS location are available by downloading the service-wide NPS App.


Hot Springs and North Mountain Trails

The Hot Springs and North Mountain trails are popular since they are easy to reach and provide scenic views. You can get to these trails via Stephen’s Balustrade (grand staircase) behind the Fordyce Bathhouse, Hot Springs Mountain Drive, and the Gulpha Gorge Campground. See the Hot Springs and North Mountain trail map for more information. *Note: Oertel Trail is still labeled as Dead Chief Trail on the park's brochure.

West Mountain Trails

The West Mountain trails are less traveled, providing greater opportunities for wildlife sightings. You can get to these trails via Whittington Park and the Canyon Trailhead. See the West Mountain trail map for more information.

Sunset Trail

The Sunset Trail is the longest trail in Hot Springs National Park, covering approximately 10 miles one way or complete the 15-17 mile loop. It completes a circuit near the inner edge of the park boundary. Crossing all types of terrain, the trail makes its way through the most remote areas of the park. Due to the length of this trail, it is frequently broken up into three separate sections: West Mountain (2.8 miles), Sugarloaf Mountain (2.6 miles), and Stonebridge Road (3.8 miles). The Sunset Trail can be combined with Hot Springs Mountain trails, North Mountain trails, and West Mountain trails to complete a strenuous 15-17-mile loop hike. See the Sunset Trail map for more information.

Overview map of trailheads, lengths, and routes of trails along Hot Springs Mountain.
Hot Springs and North Mountain Trails

The trails on Hot Springs Mountain offer a great variety of opportunities to experience a lot of the Park.

Map of West Mountain trails outlining length, trail heads, and routes.
West Mountain Trails

Explore the Western half of the Park via the Canyon Trail, Mountain Top Trail, Oak Trail, Whittington Trail, or West Mountain Trail.

Map outlining the entire route of the Sunset Trail through West, Sugarloaf, and North Mountains.
Sunset Trail

Get off the beaten path and take on the longest trail in the Park, the Sunset Trail!

A woman paddling in an orange kayak with rolling hills behind her.
Iron Ranger Challenge

Hike, bike, swim, paddle, or walk 100 miles on Arkansas Public Lands for a chance to claim your Iron Ranger title!

A man biking up the steep road to Hot Springs Mountain
Biking in the Park

Learn about the opportunities and rules for biking in the Park!

Thermal pool with green algae
Experience the Water

Learn about the various ways that you can experience the thermal springs in the Park.

Last updated: September 8, 2022

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