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Sigel's Second Position
Sigel's Second Position

Sarah Cunningham

About 5 a.m. on August 10, 1861, Colonel Franz Sigel’s 1,200 troops moved onto a ridge (far left of the photo) overlooking the Sharp Farm. Once he heard Lyon’s attack on the northern part of the battlefield, Sigel ordered Backof’s Battery to open fire on the 1,800 Southerners camped on the Sharp Farm. The Southerners fled from the area. Sigel then moved off the ridge and into the Sharp stubble field (center of the photo). When about 800 Southerners attempted to make a stand, Sigel's artillerymen opened fire again, and after about 30 minutes the Southerners withdrew. By 8 a.m. Sigel reached his final position (Tour Stop Number 5).

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