National Park Service and Related Policies

The management of the National Park Service (NPS) and NPS programs is guided by and consistent with the Constitution, public laws, treaties, proclamations, Executive Orders, regulations, and directives of the Secretary of the Interior and the Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks. All NPS policy must be consistent with these higher authorities when establishing its own inter-agency policy.

The NPS Directives System consists of internal instructions and guidance documents to ensure that NPS managers and staff have clear information on NPS policy and on required and/or recommended actions. It is intended to reflect the NPS’s organizational values of teamwork, delegation to the most effective level, empowerment of employees, accountability, and reduction in overall paperwork. The Directives System is composed of 3 "levels" of documents:


Management Policies


The 2006 edition of Management Polices focuses exclusively on the management of the National Park System. It is the primary source and foremost authority in the Park Service's directives system. The directives system was established to provide NPS management and staff clear and up to date information that will help manage parks and programs effectively.

Management Policy HTML Version

This is a great resource to find any policies relating to the National Park Service.

Directors Orders


Directors Orders are comprised in the second tier of the Park Service's directives system. The directives system provides the National Park Service several sources of detailed written guidance to help managers make day-to-day decisions.


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Department of the Interior


Departmental Manual