Model Cities

A Look Back & The Path Forward

When the Urban Agenda first launched in 2015, it included a two-year pilot period designed to intentionally learn how the Agenda’s core principles could be applied at the grassroots level. Ten model cities were selected to serve as pilot areas and each city received an Urban Fellow who worked collaboratively as a liaison between the NPS and the community.

730 days later, a great deal of learning has come out of the initial pilot phase. Urban Fellows built new partnerships, engaged previously untapped communities, and worked with NPS field staff to embed the principles into daily operations.

Each model city was unique in terms of highlights and lessons learned. See the work that has been done in the model cities and check out the impact Urban Fellows have had alongside National Park Service park and program staff in cities nationwide. Click on cities below to explore these stories and highlights.

Last updated: September 6, 2017