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The old TwHP home site will no longer be available. Please update your links.

Welcome to our new site! If you're familiar with the old site and are curious about the changes, here are some points to keep in mind as you transition with us:

First, know that Lessons 1-160 will not be affected. Their URLS and formatting haven’t changed. The previously posted lessons and lesson plan materials were not moved from nps.gov/nr/twhp/...

Lesson plans posted after this change will be hosted on the CMS site and appear in a new template. The change will be aesthetic and not alter the types of content or the procedure offered in our lessons.

Visiting html pages on the old Teaching with Historic Places website will result in a redirect that will take you to the new CMS site. This does not include the lesson plans.

Content available on CMS from Teaching with Historic Places includes,
  • News and updates about TwHP Place-based learning philosophy, bibliography, and links to external resources
  • Professional Development for Educators (teachers, docents, interpreters, college professors, etc) who want to use place in their teaching or want to help others harness the “power of place”
  • Worksheets for choosing a place to study, for analyzing buildings, and analyzing images Indexes of the TwHP lesson plans, which are organized by state/location, national standards in Social Studies and History, activities and skills, eras in history, topics, and primary sources.
Teaching with Historic Places will continue to grow as a series and update its content at this address.

We hope you find our new home easy to navigate and easy on the eyes, so please let us know if you have trouble locating content or if something is "off." You can contact Teaching with Historic Places by email.

Last updated: February 19, 2016

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