Volunteer helping at the Golden Gate NRA nursery.
Volunteers work as curators, tour guides, researchers, receptionists, environmental educators, photographers, electricians, and so much more! 


Every day, in national parks across the nation, volunteers give the gift of their time, energy, and talent to pursue goals and causes that resonate deep within them. The work they do transforms the health and sustainability of natural communities; maintains the integrity of park facilities and trails; preserves the historic treasures that represent moments of achievement, challenge, and reflection; and creates opportunities for visitors to deepen their connection to the sights and sounds surrounding them. Every day, we are thankful for all they do.

Find out how you can join their efforts through a one day or short term project or a long term position.

Volunteers reenact a trades fair at Moores Creek National Battlefield.
Volunteers may dress in period clothing to reenact historic events and share information during special programs. 

NPS Volunteer Douglas Prouty

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Last updated: October 7, 2016