Teach and Learn

A student drawing of mountains and a waterfall; completed at Glacier National Park


Shipbuilders, inventors, philosophers, and pioneers; the stories of the people and events that shaped our nation come to life for all who visit national parks. Parks are also places where budding scientists become familiar with ecological principles and natural processes through hands on learning activities, observation, and exploration. They are places where craftspeople practice centuries old building techniques next to historians researching the origin of communities and experts developing historic preservation policy and guidance.

Find out how your classroom, school, organization or family can participate in experiential, educational opportunities that bring you behind the scenes and stories of our national parks.

Professional Development

Teachers participating in a park orientation at Everglades National Park
Teachers explore trails and participate in park training at the start of the summer season.   


Teacher Ranger Teacher Program

Join the Teacher Ranger Teacher Program and spend your summer working in a national park; then, during the school year, share your experiences with your students; creating a seamless transfer of knowledge between indoor and outdoor classroom settings.

A teacher conducting research in Mammoth Cave
A teacher conducts field studies at Mammoth Cave National Park


Geoscience Teachers in Parks

Complete an internship at Mammoth Cave National Park through the Geoscience Teachers in Parks program and collaborate with park personnel, researchers, local university staff, and park partners while gaining field, lab, and classroom experience.

A forested trail in Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historical Park
Students have a world of woodland trails to explore!

NPS R Diamant

To Every Classroom

Check out three programs in the northeast that link teachers to forests, trails, and parks.

A Forest for Every Classroom is an award-winning professional development program for K-12 teachers of all disciplines. Across habitats and through the seasons, you will learn how to "read" and teach in the landscapes of Vermont from some of the best education and natural resource professionals in the state.

A Trail to Every Classroom is a three-season, multi-disciplinary professional development series aimed at providing you with the inspiration, knowledge and skills to transform classroom teaching into effective and exciting place-based education.

The Park for Every Classroom program was created to encourage education partnerships and community engagement, and to build collaborations among National Park Service staff, local community partners, and teachers to engage students in place-based learning that promotes stewardship.

Bring Your Class or Family
Student volunteers plant vegetation along a hiking trail
Students complete a service project while participating in a program at the North Cascasdes Institute. 


Field Institutes

Field Institutes provide a wide range of park based and outreach programs for your family, school, university or organization. Find out how you can participate in activities such as naturalist guided tours, backcountry adventure programs, photography workshops, and field seminars.

Last updated: April 27, 2018