A team of butterfly researchers stand atop a mountain in North Cascades National Park.
In 2009 the National Park Foundation, North Cascades National Park Complex, and North Cascades Institute partnered to form the North Cascades National Park Citizen Science Program.

NPS Karlie Roland

Only by harnessing our collective resources, skills, and commitment can we better understand, manage, and work towards finding and implementing solutions to our conservation challenges. Over the years, science related partnerships have brought together literally thousands of people, including students, retired scientists, researchers, volunteers, and interns to participate in large scale efforts to inventory the biological diversity found in our parks, collect and manage research data, monitor environmental conditions, and participate in ecosystem restoration projects.

A park ranger and young adults identify species during a BioBlitz species inventory.
Each year hundreds of volunteers participate in BioBlitz, a twenty-four hour species inventory held in a different national park each year.


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Last updated: August 25, 2022