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Worthington Glacier
Worthington Glacier, a National Natural Landmark in Alaska.

The state of Alaska boasts 16 National Natural Landmark sites, ranging in size from tiny Bogoslof Island at 170 acres to the massive Clarence Rhode National Wildlife Refuge at almost 1.8 million acres. The sites in Alaska received NNL designation from 1967-1976. Two sites are located in the Kenai Peninsula Borough, but the rest of the sites are located in unorganized boroughs in the state. Landowners include the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, State of Alaska, and private individuals. The sites include the largest piedmont glacier in North America, a major walrus haulout, remants of a petrified metasequoia forest from the Tertiary period, and multiple examples of active volcanoes.

Below is a map of sites in Alaska.

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Alaska state map Clarence Rhode National Widlife Refuge Lake George Simeonof National Wildlife Refuge Bogoslof Island Shishaldin Volcano Unga Island Walrus Island McNeil River State Game Sanctuary Walker Lake Arrigetch Peaks Worthington Glacier Malaspina Glacier Mount Veniaminof Aniakchak Crater Iliamna Volcano Rebout Volcano

Please remember, National Natural Landmarks (NNLs) are not national parks. NNL status does not indicate public ownership, and many sites are not open for visitation.

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