National NAGPRA YouTube Channel
National NAGPRA Program YouTube Channel

The NAGPRA Video Project is a training series produced in 2010. The National NAGPRA Program conducted fifty interviews in ten cities across the country. These interviews with tribal members, museum officials and Federal agency representatives provide hours of information on consultation, grants, notices, law making, dispositions, documentation and repatriation.

The entire eight-segment series is available through the National NAGPRA Program YouTube Channel.

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Explore NAGPRA in a nutshell through a composite of interviews with NAGPRA constituents.

The Development of NAGPRA

Explore the significant events that led to the passage of NAGPRA, and consider the significance for Native Americans, museums and the scientific community today.

Consultation under NAGPRA

Understand how the term "consultation" is defined under NAGPRA, review NAGPRA's requirements for consultation, and get guidelines and suggestions toward successful consultation.

Decision-making under NAGPRA

Explore how to determine cultural affiliation under NAGPRA, examine how a decision is reached, and review what occurs when there is a dispute over a finding.


Understand NAGPRA notices and find out what information each type of notice should contain.


Discuss two types of grants, review grant supported activities, and hear from successful grant applicants and NAGPRA Grants panelists. Find tips for strengthening your grant application.

Review Committee

Hear from past and present Review Committee members about membership and responsibilities, watch an actual dispute before a Review Committee, and listen to members' personal perspectives on working relationships, consensus, and emerging issues in NAGPRA.

Civil Penalties

Walk through the NAGPRA civil penalties process. Discover how a museum can fail to comply with the Act, how to file an allegation against a museum, the museum's rights in a proceeding, and what's involved in the civil penalty stage of the process.

Last updated: May 9, 2022