Despite their often challenging, if not inhosipitable environments, mountains are home to an incredible diversity of animals. Many animals have evolved and adapted to these mountain habitats and thrive in what we might consider harsh conditions. Explore some of these specialists, below, to see how they have learned to survive in the rocky and rugged terrain, frigid waters, snow and ice, and temperature extremes that define many mountain ranges.
  • A mottled brown frog resting on mossy green vegetation
    Amphibians and Reptiles

    Wood frogs are found from Alaska to the Great Smoky Mountains.

  • brown bird with gray and black head perched on a rock among wildflowers

    Gray-crowned rosy-finches nest in the highest parts of North American mountain ranges.

  • Underwater view of trout with red red belly

    Westslope cutthroat trout are native to the mountain cold-water tributaries of the Pacific Ocean.

  • brown pika with large round ears among rocks

    American pikas are small mountain-dwelling mammals that are susceptible to warming temperatures due to climate change.

  • A bright purple adult dragonfly with red eyes and translucent orange wings perches on a stick.

    Dragonflies are important predators in mountain wetlands.

Last updated: October 26, 2022