Historical Deferred Maintenance

The National Park Service maintains a complex portfolio of more than 75,000 assets (prior to 2024), including historic structures, roads, bridges, trails, campgrounds, and utility systems. We have extensive preventive and recurring maintenance needs resulting from aging infrastructure and heavy use which often exceeds the capacity for which it was designed. National Park Service staff at each park inspect assets to assess their condition. Deferred maintenance and repair (DM&R) figures represent the funding necessary to bring National Park Service assets to an acceptable and safe condition.

Reports by State

Fact sheets are available with detailed information about National Park Service's deferred maintenance and repairs by state, district, and territory. The table below provides links to downloadable PDFs. Fiscal Year 2023 Quarter 4 DM&R state and park infrastructure numbers coming soon.
Deferred Maintenance and Repairs State Fact Sheets
State, District, or TerritoryFact Sheet

Reports by Park or Site

Information is available for National Park Service parks and sites with deferred maintenance and repairs. Use the table below to search or download basic data or detailed PDF fact sheets. Fiscal Year 2023 Quarter 4 DM&R state and park infrastructure numbers coming soon.
DM&R Park Fact Sheets
Park NameStateFact Sheet Buildings Trail Miles Housing Units Campgrounds Unpaved Road Miles Water Systems Waste Water Systems Paved Road Miles All Other Assets DM&R Additional Park Units Included in Calculations (if Applicable)

Reports from Past Years

To request reports about National Park Service deferred maintenance and repairs from previous years, email us. Find more information about updates in calculations by checking the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Last updated: January 31, 2024