Valley Forge National Historical Park winter reenactment film shoot

A man holds a camera towards a group of people dressed in revolutionary war costumes coming towards us.

Early in March, Amber Kodges traveled to Valley Forge National Historical Park in Pennsylvania to produce a winter re-enactment film shoot. Mother Nature really came through in set design by providing a nice base of snow and then variable weather conditions over the four day shoot. Sub-freezing wind chills, snow, rain, fog, and mud all helped to contribute to the authentic look of the scenes. The actors certainly didn't need to "act" cold!

Over a dozen park staff, upwards of 2 dozen crew members (film & sound crews, grip & lighting crews, wardrobe, makeup, craft services…), and approximately 60 Revolutionary-era re-enactors participated with gusto in spite of the weather. Days ran long and came with logistical challenges as well as safety considerations with navigating ankle-deep mud, managing live horses, discharging of muskets, and felling a tree (intentionally) but the shoot was successful and we're thrilled with the footage that was captured. Visitors to the park were delighted to observe all the activity. The park staff went above and beyond in mobilizing for whatever was needed prior and during the shoot. The park superintendent even shaved his beard and dressed for a scene as a surveyor. One of the VAFO interp rangers captured stills and video from the day and shared on their flicker site.

The film is due to be completed in the spring of 2020 in conjunction with the opening of their new VC.

Last updated: March 20, 2019