CARTO Announcement

3d Panorama of Denali
The National Park Service, Harpers Ferry Center, is please to announce a new version of the Carto online map portal offering over 1,000 NPS maps free of charge.

The new Carto site is now easier than ever to use. Large thumbnail images speed up your search. There are also more file format choices, including JPEG for casual browsing, PDF for printing, and Geospatial PDF for use on mobile phones. Professionals have the option of downloading layered Adobe Illustrator files and you can even find the intricate relief art that NPS maps are known for.

According to Brendan Bray, Director of Harpers Ferry Center, "An exciting feature of the Carto site is that it is continually kept up-to-date. As maps are revised for brochures, exhibits, and other media, we immediately upload them for everyone to use and enjoy."

Besides park maps, visitors to Carto will find other items of interest. Are you looking for a symbol for camping, hiking, or even Wi-Fi? You will find these and 230 other in the National Park Service map symbol collection. And for the admirers of park landscapes, Carto now offeres breathtaking high resolution panoramas of Denali, North Cascades, Yellowstone and Yosemite painted by renowoned Austrian artist Heinrigh C. Berann.

Last updated: January 30, 2019