Winter Wellness!

Cross country skier at Lassen Volcanic National Park
Get healthy this winter at Lassen Volcanic National Park!

NPS Photo

Don’t just tolerate the cold, give it a warm welcome! As the days grow shorter and colder, it can be tempting to spend all your time indoors. But why stay inside when there are plenty of winter wonderlands to see outdoors? Explore some of your favorite parks and connect with nature! Snow means it’s time to start enjoying your favorite winter sports! And your favorite warm weather activities like camping, biking, running, and hiking can also be done in the winter too! Bundle up and embrace the cold!

Here are some ideas to make wellness a priority this winter:

  • Need a little inspiration for your winter recreation? Find a winter sport that sparks your interest! From snowmobiling to skiing to ice skating and more, there’s plenty of ways to get active in the outdoors!

  • Winter produce is in season! Delicious fruits and vegetables like beets, turnips, pomegranates, and kale are rich in vitamins and minerals. Combined with exercise, a healthy diet will keep you fit and happy all winter long!

And celebrate with us as we look forward to healthy holidays!

word December over background of frozen leaves
  • December 5, 2019: It’s International Volunteers Day! Join over 300,000 Volunteers in Parks (VIP) in protecting our nation’s treasures! No matter your talents or abilities, there’s plenty of ways to make a difference. Volunteering is good for our parks, and your mental and physical health too!
  • December 21, 2019: The shortest day of the year is here! Celebrate the Winter Solstice with a good night's sleep during the longest night of the year! Getting enough rest is vital to good health!
word January over background of vans in snow
  • Month of January: Make health a priority for the whole family! Celebrate Family Fit Lifestyle Month by exercising in nature together. Ice skating, bike rides, and walks outdoors can be fun for everyone!
  • January 1, 2020: Whether you have New Year's resolutions or just want to start the year on the right foot, join us for First Day Hikes! Find a park near you and make 2020 the year you get active outdoors!

  • January 20, 2020: Celebrate the Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. with free admission to the national parks. Visit a park connected to the life and legacy of Dr. King or participate in the day of service and give back to your community!
word February over background of snow covered mountains
  • Month of February: We “heart” parks! Did you know that a 30-minute visit to a park can improve your heart health and blood circulation, and lower your blood pressure and cholesterol? Get your heart healthy during American Heart Month with a trip into nature!

  • February 22, 2020: There’s no better way to celebrate Walking the Dog Day than taking a walk in nature with man’s best friend! Both you and your dog are welcome in our national parks! Find a dog-friendly park near you and start walking the path to better health!

Looking for healthy fun during the rest of the year? Visit our Healthy Parks Healthy People Events page to find more ways to improve your health in parks.

Last updated: June 21, 2019