Spring into Health

visitors standing in tulip gardens
Spring has sprung in the National Capital Region!

NPS Photo

Winter is behind us and it’s time to enjoy the benefits of spring! The world is waking up and shaking off the past months of cold. And of course, longer days means spending more time in the great outdoors! Be sure to spend time outside this spring and feel the healing power of nature!

Here are some fun ways to spring into health:

  • Get outside and discover a park near you! Run, fish, bike, hike, and swim your way through our national parks! There’s plenty to see and do this spring.

  • Spring clean your brain! Springtime is full of new beginnings and fresh starts, so take some time to check in on your mental health. Write in a journal, meditate, or let your mind relax in nature. Prioritize positivity and wellness!
  • Enjoy seasonal foods! Fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful in the spring. Add them into your meals for good health that tastes delicious!

And celebrate with us as we look forward to health holidays!

word March over background of finches on flowers
  • Month of March: What you eat matters! Food is how we fuel our lives, so make informed decisions about what you’re eating. Make good food choices and get some exercise too during National Nutrition Month! And join the conversation with #NationalNutritionMonth
word April over background of purple flowers
National Park Week is April 17-25, 2021. Tap into the Power of Parks for Health as we celebrate the healing power of parks with each and every theme day during this special week.

  • April 17: Get outside! Doctor's orders! Time in nature is not only fun but also good for your mental and physical health. Celebrate the healing benefits of parks on ParkRx Day! #ParkRx
  • April 18: Volunteers in Parks Day
  • April 19: Military Monday
  • April 20: Transformation Tuesday
  • April 21: Way Back Wednesday
  • April 22: Earth Day
  • April 23: Friendship Friday
  • April 24: Junior Ranger Day
  • April 25: Did you know many national parks allow pets? Get healthy in parks with man’s best friend! Celebrate Bark Ranger Day! #BarkRanger
word May over background of pink lotus flowers
  • Month of May: Take care of your eyes now and protect your vision for the future! Celebrate Healthy Vision Month and join the conversation with #MyVisionMyFuture #HealthyVisionMonth

  • Month of May: Mental health is essential to every person’s overall health and well-being, so make your own mental health a priority. Celebrate Mental Health Month and join the conversation with #MHM2019 #4Mind4Body #MentalHealthMonth
Looking for healthy fun during the rest of the year? Visit our Healthy Parks Healthy People Events page to find more ways to improve your health in parks.

Last updated: February 20, 2021