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The Archeology Program's old website is defunct, but a crosswalk between the old and new pages is below. We appreciate your patience while exciting new content updates are completed.

Technical Assistance & Professional Guidance

News & Publications

Distance Learning

  • Archeology for Interpreters
  • Interpretation for Archeologists
    • Interpretation for Archeologists: Full course coming soon to DOI Talent (DOI employee access only)
    • Interpretation for Archeologists: Quick course on NPS Common Learning Portal (Available to all, with registration on website)
  • Assessment of Archeological Interpretation: Learning resource on NPS Common Learning Portal (Available to all, with registration on website)
  • Managing Archeological Collections: Under re-development for the NPS Archeology Guide: Archeological Collections Management. Stay tuned.

Education and Fun Stuff

  • Junior Archeologist: Complete activities and mail or email your booklet to receive a patch. English and Spanish versions available.
  • Teacher Resources: Now For Teachers, find all kinds of formal and informal learning activities.
  • Archeology for Kids: Now called Explore Archeology for Kids, super fun activities to learn about what archeology is and what archeologists do.
  • Preserving America's Past: A revamped version of the web feature, now called Archeology and Preserving America's Past.

Last updated: February 9, 2023