Special Conditions for Hiking Groups


Special Conditions

Group Size
Group size on the trail is capped at 20 people with a minimum of one half hour between groups.

Leader Responsibility
The permittee shall be responsible to see that all members of the group are safely equipped and properly clothed prior to the trip. The trip leader/guide will ensure that each member of the group has adequate food and water for the proposed itinerary, appropriate footwear, clothing, and sun block.

Waste Disposal (Pack-in, Pack-out)
All food scraps (fruit peels, nut shells, etc.) are considered trash and must be carried out from the backcountry. The permittee is responsible to ensure that all litter and debris is removed from the event location upon completion of the ceremony or the expiration of the permit.

No fundraising or collection of money may occur within park boundaries.

Authorized Use of Area
Permittee may not block access to the area or prohibit use of the area by other visitors.

Disturbance of Natural Feature and/or Wildlife
The permittee shall not alter or damage, nor allow others within the party to alter or damage any park vegetation, wildlife, other natural resources or facilities

Last updated: June 13, 2018

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