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Road and Trail Maps

These maps contain information about roads, trails, and suggested hikes in different areas of the park. These map are intended for day hikes and not for longer backcountry trips. If you are taking a longer trip or want to create your own route around the extenisve trail network in the park you can purchase a topographic map from the Shenandoah National Park Association or the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club.
Map of area around Dickey Ridge including notable roads and trails.
Dickey Ridge Area Map (accessible pdf - 494kb)
The Dickey Ridge Area includes the Dickey Ridge Visitor Center just five miles from the Front Royal Entrance Station in the North District of the Park. This guide includes hiking information for the Fox Hollow Trail and the Snead Farm Loop.
Map of Compton Gap Area with roads and trails noted.
Compton Gap Area Map (accessible pdf - 630kb)
This guide for the Compton Gap area in the North District includes information about hiking the Compton Peaks (West and East), Fort Windham Rocks, and Lands Run Falls. The Compton Peak hike includes a unique columnar jointing geological feature.
Map of area around Mathews Arm including notable roads and trails.
Mathews Arm Area Map (accessible pdf - 681kb)
This guide to the Mathews Arm area includes hiking information on Overall Run Falls, and the Traces Trail that circumnavigates the Mathews Arm Campground.
Map of Keyser Run Area with trail descriptions.
Keyser Run Area Map (accessible pdf - 660kb)
The Keyser Run area map and guide includes information about the Little Devils Stairs Loop Hike, Sugarloaf Loop Hike, and the Knob Mountain-Jeremys Run Hike.
Map of area around Thornton Gap including notable roads and trails.
Thornton Gap Area Map (accessible pdf - 668kb)
This guide shows contains information about hikes near the Thornton Gap Entrance Station in the Central District of the Park. Hikes include Marys Rock Summit (from the Panorama parking area and the Meadow Spring parking area), the Pass Mountain Loop, and Hazel River Falls.
Map of the Skyland area including notable roads and trails.
Skyland Area Map (accessible pdf - 568kb)
Skyland is home of the historic Skland Resort, a popular place to visit even before the establishment of the national park. Today Skyland has lodging, dining, the historical Massanutten Lodge, and stables. This guide includes hiking information for the Millers Head Hike, Stony Man Hike, and the Passamaquoddy Loop Hike.
Map of area around Whiteoak Canyon including notable roads and trails.
Whiteoak Canyon Area Map (accessible pdf - 670kb)
Whitoak Canyon is a popular waterfall hike that can be accessed either via Skyline Drive or the park boundary from Route 600. This guide includes information about hiking Whiteoak Canyon from Skyline Drive, from the boundary, and as a circuit with the Cedar Run Trail.
Map of Old Rag Area with roads and trails
Old Rag Area Map (accessible pdf - 677kb)
Old Rag is a popular, very strenuous hike with sweeping views and rock scrambling. Old Rag is accessible from the park boundary off Route 602. The entrance fee is required to enter from the boundary. This guide to the Old Rag area includes hiking information to Old Rag, Robertson Mountain, and Nicholson Hollow. Read about preparing to hike Old Rag Mountain.
Map of area near Hawksbill with roads and trails noted.
Hawksbill Area Map (accessible pdf - 527kb)
Hawksbill is Shenandoah's highest peak. This guide gives information on hiking trails to and around Hawksbill including the Hawksbill Summit Hike, the Upper Hawksbill Hike, and the Hawsksbill Loop Hike.
Map of Big Meadows Area with key locations, roads, and trails noted.
Big Meadows Area Map (accessible pdf - 713kb)
The Big Meadows area is one of the most visited in Shenandoah National Park and includes the Byrd Visitor Center, dining and lodging options, camping, and a variety of hikes. This guide includes information about hiking Dark Hollow Falls, the Story of the Forest Trail, the Rose River Loop, and Lewis Falls.
Map of area around Rapidan including notable trails and roads
Rapidan Area Map (accessible pdf - 680kb)
Rapidan Camp is a historical site along the Rapidan River that was called the "summer white house" of President Herbert Hoover and First Lady Lou Henry Hoover. This guide includes hiking information for the Rapidan Camp Hike from Milam Gap, the Appalachian Trail to Tanners Ridge Raod Hike, and the Mill Pring to Laurel Prong Loop Hike.
Map and descriptions for Bearfence rock scramble and viewpoint hikes
Bearfence Area Map (accessible pdf - 417kb)
Bearfence is a short, but challenging, rock scramble in the Central District of Shenandoah National Park. This map has information about hiking the Bearfence Rock Scramble, as well as the nearby Bearfence Viewpoint.
Map of South River area with notable roads and trails marked.
South River Area Map (accessible pdf - 704kb)
The South River area is located in the southern section of the Central District. This guide contains information about hikes including the South River Falls Observation Point, South River Falls, and Hightop Summit.
Area map of Loft Mountain including notable roads and trails.
Loft Mountain Area Map (accessible pdf - 748kb)
The Loft Mountain area has multiple hiking options and a campground. This guide includes information on the Frazier Discovery Trail Hike, the Doyles River Falls Hike, the Jones River Falls Hike, the Browns Gap Hike, and the Blackrock Summit Hike.
Map of roads and trails around the Riprap area
Riprap Area Map (accessible pdf - 673kb)
In the South District, this guide to the Riprap area contains information for hikes including Riprap to Wildcat Ridge, Chimney Rock, and Turk Mountain.

Last updated: June 19, 2020

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