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Crater Lake shrouded in clouds
Crater Lake shrouded in clouds.

NPS Photo

In summer of 2017, join the Crater Lake Science & Learning Center and Southern Oregon University as we set off across the Klamath Circle of Discovery to learn how climate change affects our parks.

Teachers will

  • Travel for two weeks with Science & Learning Center staff
  • Lodge in a mix of rustic park research housing and yurts, and some modern hotels at all of the parks in the Klamath Circle of Discovery
  • Gain special access to park staff and resources
  • Explore outside as much as possible (hiking, kayaking, campfires, etc.)
  • Visit many other types of public lands along the way

Teachers will leave the workshop able to

  • Explain clearly how climate change works
  • Describe clear evidence of climate change
  • Discuss the effects of climate change on National Park resources
  • Describe educational opportunities provided by each of the Klamath Network’s national parks
  • Use their knowledge of climate change in the parks to construct an academic unit
  • Critique current climate change education materials for accuracy and efficacy
  • Develop a teaching philosophy that includes a global-scale perspective

Workshop dates: July 23 - August 4, 2017
Meeting place:
Southern Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon
Price $750: This price includes a $750 scholarship provided by the National Park Service and the Crater Lake Natural History Association that brings the actual cost of $1500 down to the $750 price listed here. This price includes all activities, instruction, ground transportation, lodging, breakfasts and lunches during the workshop. This price does not include travel to and from the workshop, dinners, incidentals, or graduate credit from Southern Oregon University.

Three graduate credits are available through Southern Oregon University.

Click here to download an interactive poster with links to the parks we will visit (1.88 MB).

Please email our education coordinator for more information or call (541) 594-3092.

Last updated: October 3, 2017