San Francisco Lessingia

(Lessingia germanorum)

Origin Of Genus Name: Named after C.F. Lessing, German specialist in Asteraceae plant family.

Presidio Locations: Found only in inland dune areas on the Presidio with only five small populations known at this time.

Range In State: San Francisco Bay Area. The only population known of outside the Presidio is located in Daly City. The Presidio is the type locality for this species.

Description: This rare and endangered, native annual has small, grayish, hairy leaves. The stem is reddish brown and branched. The flowers have funnel-shaped to tubular petals that are deep lemon yellow with a reddish brown band. Each plant can have from one to eighty flowers. Blooms August to October.

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Last updated: February 28, 2015

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