South Park National Heritage Area

Historic mill in the mountains
Historic metal processing site, Paris Mill, sitting at 11,003 ft elevation

Photo Courtesy of the South Park National Heritage Area

Quick Facts
Central Colorado; Park County
The South Park National Heritage Area preserves the spirit of the “Western frontier” along with its vast, diverse natural landscape, its roots in the historic mining industry, and ranching culture.
National Heritage Area

The South Park National Heritage Area (SPNHA) was designated by Congress in 2009. The Park County Department of Heritage and Tourism works with the Park County Historic Preservation Advisory Commission (PCHPAC) and the South Park National Heritage Area Board and Office of Recreation Development to responsibly manage the heritage area.

This nearly 1,800 square mile region contains both historic and prehistoric resources that have stood the test of time and tell a captivating story of generations of people within this landscape. A large part of the region's heritage is deeply connected to agriculture and ranching but the heritage area also features historic railroad sites, historic mining structures, and historic hotels along with natural and recreational areas. There was once a gold-bearing area in South Park, but today you can harness its riches by participating in one of its priceless educational programs.

The SPNHA organizes its mission around four main goals: 

  1. Conserve and enhance South Park’s natural, cultural, and recreational resources.  

  1. Facilitate partnerships between local, regional, and national organizations that will benefit South Park. 

  1. Provide responsible interpretation of, access to, and education of South Park’s resources to the public. 

  1. Promote South Park’s resources to generate sustainable economies. 

The South Park National Heritage features an abundance of opportunities for outdoor recreation and welcomes naturalists, artists, equestrians, mountaineers, cyclists, four-wheelers, anglers, and life-long learners.  

Historic Sites and Points of Interest: 

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Last updated: October 9, 2020