Freedom's Way National Heritage Area

Living history reenactors fire muskets from the wooden North Bridge in Concord, MA
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Freedom's Way NHA

Quick Facts
This region, where the American Revolutionary War began, is steeped in concepts of individual freedom and responsibility, community cooperation, direct democracy, idealism, and social betterment, perspectives that have inspired national and international movements in governance and education, abolitionism, social conservation, and the arts.
National Heritage Area

Designated by Congress in 2009, Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area encompasses 45 communities in north-central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire that are steeped in history, natural beauty, and the legacy of revolutionary ideas.

As a National Heritage Area, Freedom's Way NHA is managed by Freedom’s Way Heritage Association. Freedom's Way Heritage Association connects the people, places and communities of the National Heritage Area through preservation, conservation and educational initiatives to protect and promote shared resources and encourage residents and visitors to explore the landscape, history and culture of the region.

Freedom's Way National Heritage Area is home to the following NPS units:

, Minute Man National Historical Park

Last updated: August 15, 2019