Peebles Farm: Closing Actions

September 30, 1864
(Pegram's Farm)

Just before darkness settles in, the Confederates try to continue their attack against the Union troops at Pegrams Farm, but they are not successful and the fighting ends for the day.

October 1, 1864
(Squirrel Level Road)

Early in the morning the Confederates attacked again at Pegrams Farm to divert attention from Gen. Heth's (CSA) men coming down Squirrel Level Road. Heth was trying to hit the Union position from the rear.

But Warren was ready for this and the attack was quickly repulsed.


By October 2, the Confederates withdrew to their fortifications along Boydton Plank Road. This left the Union in possession of key secondary roads leading into Petersburg and allowed them to extend their siege lines further west.

Again, Grant did succeed in tightening his grip on the city but had failed to achieve his objectives. Lee, on the other hand, had failed to defeat the Union troops outright but had once more minimized the impact of their offensive.


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