General Asboth

Brigadier General Alexander Asboth
Alexander Asboth

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Commander, 2nd Division

Asboth was born in Kezthely, Hungary in 1811. Trained at a Hungarian military academy, he served at various posts as an engineer in the Hungarian Army. He joined freedom-fighter Lajos Kossuth in the 1848 revolutionary movement, and emigrated to the United States with him in 1851 after the revolution failed.

Asboth was in charge of the troops and trains at the Little Sugar Creek position, and therefore, did not play a direct part in the actions of March 7 & 8. He was wounded in the arm though, while bringing reinforcements forward to support Carr at the end of the first day's fight.

Asboth later commanded the garrison at Columbus, Kentucky and the Military District of West Florida. He was severely wounded in the cheek, while leading troops at the Battle of Marianna, Florida in 1864. After the war, Asboth was appointed U.S. Minister to Argentina and Uruguay. He died in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1868, most likely due to the wound he received in Florida. Asboth was buried in Argentina, but in 1990, his remains were returned to the United States. He was buried with full military honors on October 23, 1990 in Arlington National Cemetery.

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