Junior Explorers

The Junior Ranger programs below are designed to encourage our young visitors to explore nature! Dive underwater, explore a cave, or look up at the night sky. There is so much to learn! Complete an activity book to receive an official Junior Ranger patch and certificate.
Jr Cave Scientists Activity Book

Junior Cave Scientist Program

Explore the fascinating and fragile underground world of caves, learn about the National Park System, and complete fun educational activities. Participants who complete the booklet will earn a badge, a certificate, and the rank of Junior Cave Scientist. Download the activity booklet on the Caves and Karst subject site.
fishing booklet

Junior Ranger Let's Go Fishing!

Get reeled into fishing with the new Junior Ranger Let’s Go Fishing! Booklet. Gear up and get ready to: Explore national parks, national wildlife refuges, and fish hatcheries to have safe and enjoyable fishing trips! Learn about fishing, aquatic habitats and fishing safety. And protect native fish and the habitats on which they depend.

Jr Paleontologist Activity Book

Junior Paleontologist Program

Another fun program from the Geologic Resources Division. Explore the ways that paleontologists work, and the methods and tools they use to understand ancient life. Download the activity book on the Fossils and Paleontology subject site.
Junior Ranger Night Explorer Activity Book

Junior Ranger Night Explorers

This Junior Ranger Night Explorer program is designed to encourage young park visitors to explore the dark side of their national parks. Find the North Star, track the phases of the moon, learn about stars and galaxies, and more! Download the activity guide on the Night Skies subject site.

Underwater Explorer Booklet

Junior Ranger Underwater Explorer

This Junior Ranger program is full of fun activities to encourage youth to explore different environments, animals, and the people who work beneath the water's surface. Download the activity booklet on the Underwater subject site.

Last updated: September 20, 2019