Jeff. Smiths Parlor Museum AD Tour

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park


Tour Description Jeff Smiths Parlor is an early example of Skagway gold rush era construction. It is an approximately 900 square foot building, about the size of a large mobile trailer. The interior has been completely remodeled and furnished to the 1930s and contains 247 objects including three mannequins and large animal taxidermy. The museum is separated into three rooms divided by open doorways. Visitors enter through the front door and exit through a side door in the middle room.

The Bar - Front Room - size 31 by 11 feet The bar area includes a 16 foot long bar on the left with a cash register and full-scale male mannequin. Original glasses and bottles line the shelving behind the bar. On the right is a unique collection of large glass, wicker, and metal vessels. A male mannequin sits on a chair just past the collection of vessels. Still on the right in the back of the room is a small half bath, door open, with a female mannequin seated on the toilet with cigarette in mouth. Across from the half bath, against the left wall is a taxidermy of a dog with a larger photo mural of the murder of Jeff Smith. An antique writing desk is against the back wall next to the door.

Tools of the Trade - Middle Room - size 18 by 11 feet On the left of the middle room are historical tools mounted on the wall with photos of Alaskan Natives and wildlife. Directly to your right is a wood stove. On wall behind the wood stove are more photos. At the back of the room on both right and left are historical gambling machines. Wild Alaska - Back Room - size 32 by 11 feet More historical framed photos and letters of Alaskans and travels to Hollywood fill front left and right walls. Some objects from Hollywood sit on the floor and a small table on the right wall, including the nameplate of actress Mae West. Taking up almost half the room is a taxidermy display, closed off by a railing, of two bull moose with their antlers locked together. A wolf, antlered deer, small rocks and fake grass also make up the scene.


Guided, audio-described tour of the park's Jeff. Smiths Parlor Museum


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