Museum collections have been kept at Mammoth Cave National Park since its founding in 1941; at that time the collection consisted of biological, geologic, historical and archaeological artifacts/specimens. Today the collections held at the park consist of 1,202,691 items and includes a diverse array of artifacts, specimens and documents. In addition, to the items housed from Mammoth Cave, the park museum collections also houses items from Abraham Lincon Birthplace National Historical Park and seven parks associated with the Cumberland Piedmont Inventory and Monitoring Network.

The collections today are the result of scientific research projects, compliance projects, gifts from donors and visitors, documents related to park history and the daily activities of the park, the original collections from the 1930s and the occasional artifact found and turned in to the staff by park visitors.

Of particular interest are artifacts and documents from the early formation of the park including a barrow that belonged to Floyd Collins, photographs taken by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) building the infrastructure of the park in the 1930’s, plant specimens collected from the same time period, saltpetre mining artifacts and an early map drawn in 1908 by Max Käemper.


Digitized Park Collections

Open Parks Network - The Open Parks Network is a digital archive maintained by Clemson University and the National Park Service. The database has more than 350,000 cultural heritage objects and 1.5 million texts, including photographs, drawings, and reports. Materials were drawn from more than 20 national parks, 2 state park systems and 3 university libraries.


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