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A boat sits in the water in front of a steep cliffl, while people put a kayak in the water.
Water taxis allow access to the Kenai Fjords coast.

NPS Photo / J. Pfeiffenberger

Kenai Fjords can be a challenging place to visit. Alaska is a huge place full of diverse experiences, which certainly adds to the mystique. Much of the park can only be accessed by water, but planning a kayaking trip or visit can be logistically challenging. Bear Glacier Lagoon is over 15 miles away by water and a trip of over 30 miles is needed just to reach Cape Aialik, let alone see the glaciers.

Paddling to the park directly from Seward is not recommended. There are long stretches of exposed coastline with no landing sites between Callisto Head and the Aialik Cape, and the waters around the Cape can be extremely treacherous. Traveling with a guide is strongly recommended for kayakers unfamiliar with the cold, challenging waters of coastal Alaska.

Most kayakers planning their own trip access the park via a water taxi or charter boat from Seward and get dropped off in Aialik Bay, Northwestern Lagoon or Bear Glacier Lagoon. Most water taxi operators can also assist in the drop off/pick up aspects of trip planning. While most commercial entities operating in the park are required to have a commercial use authorization (CUA), many water taxi services actually operate outside of park boundaries (i.e. below the mean high-tide line), so are not required to have a CUA.

The following water taxi services, operating out of Seward, provide access to many areas of the park or Resurrection Bay. This list is not comprehensive and is provided as a service to our visitors. Local businesses are welcome to email us to have their information added.


Alaskan Coastal Safari
Phone (907) 362-4101
Email: akcoastalsafari@hotmail.com

Miller's Landing
Phone: (907) 224-5739 or toll free 1-866-541-5739
Email: reservations@millerslandingak.com

Weather Permitting
Phone: (907) 224-6595
Email: julie@watertaxiak.com

Last updated: September 15, 2023

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