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Bears. Salmon. Volcanoes. Wilderness. Culture. These are the terranes of Katmai. Each is distinct, but in combination these features create a place like no other. Read about the uniqueness of Katmai in this blog.

Through a Ranger’s Eyes: Questions

July 29, 2015 Posted by: Lacey Thomas

We are taught as children to ask questions to understand the world around us. When people leave their comfort zones and go on vacation they tend to ask more questions. The rangers at Katmai, and at Brooks Camp in particular, spend a lot of time answering questions.


Through a Ranger's Eyes: Wild Country

June 29, 2015 Posted by: Crystal Brindle

I finally felt like I got back to my roots - the moments that drive me and keep me returning to the mountains.


Through a Ranger’s Eyes: Migration

June 15, 2015 Posted by: Lacey Thomas

Anyone who has ever moved from one home to another knows how stressful the process can be. Moving to Brooks Camp in Katmai is no exception.


What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

October 06, 2014 Posted by: Tim Downey

In May 2014 my wife, Ann, and I were vacationing on the southern Oregon coast. Upon checking my email while watching Pacific waves crash against sea stacks I saw an unexpected message from my former Katmai National Park supervisor. Curious, I thought. I have not heard from him in some time. “I know this is a long shot, but would you consider returning to Brooks Camp this summer?” he wrote.


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