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Bears. Salmon. Volcanoes. Wilderness. Culture. These are the terranes of Katmai. Each is distinct, but in combination these features create a place like no other. Read about the uniqueness of Katmai in this blog.

September in Hallo Bay

September 08, 2015 Posted by: Carly McCoy

At Hallo Bay, bears no longer graze in the sedge meadows like they did in June and July. Instead, they're feasting on berries and salmon. Runs of chum, pinks, and now silver salmon are in Hallo Bay's numerous creeks.


Picture Hallo Bay

August 13, 2015 Posted by: Carly McCoy

Picture this: You walk through tall beach grass over a sandy berm and see purple, pink, and yellow wildflowers lining lush sedge meadows. A branch of a nearby creek divides the meadow. In the distance, a wall of snow-capped mountains loom over, broken only by a glacier that has wedged itself between the peaks. What you're imagining isn't some picturesque ad from a travel agency, but the hidden wonder of Hallo Bay.


Thank God for Shelter

August 12, 2015 Posted by: Joy Erlenbach

After experiencing some of the weather at Hallo Bay, I most certainly appreciate the good in life—heck, even the mediocre—better than I used to.


Did That Just Happen? Stories from a Bear Researcher’s Trip to Hallo Bay

July 17, 2015 Posted by: Joy Erlenbach

As I prepare to head back out to Hallo Bay I’ve been rereading my field notes and reminiscing on the highlights from my first trip. Watching bears in Hallo Bay has shown me that there’s always more to learn.


Thoughts on Hallo Bay

June 27, 2014 Posted by: Landis Ehler

If and when the public think of Katmai National Park and Preserve, they are increasingly thinking of bears, particularly wild brown bears in relatively large concentrations. From the popular Alaska attractions of Homer and Kodiak many wildlife tours visit a place called Hallo Bay.


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