Trail Certification Requirements

Trail Certification: Creating a Long-Distance Anza Recreation Trail

A long-term goal of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail is the designation of a continuous non-motorized recreation trail to complement the trail's 1,200-mile historic corridor between Nogales, Arizona, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The National Park Service will reach this goal through Trail Certification -- designating pre-existing and new trails as official components of the Anza Trail -- until a continuous recreation experience has been stitched together roughly following the historic corridor.

As of 2015, the National Park Service has certified approximately 250 miles of this potential 1,200+ mile recreation trail.

Screen Shot of Anza Trail Map
A screenshot from our interactive online map shows the certified segments of Anza Recreation Trail (in red) in relationship to the historic corridor of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail (in yellow). View the map at

Certify Your Segment of the Anza Trail

Trail Certification is a partnership that helps non-Federal land owners protect and preserve their historic trail properties, and share them with others. The process of certification is a collaborative effort between the property owner and the National Park Service. The National Park Service does not own or manage segments of the Anza Trail that fall outside of National Park boundaries. The owner/manager retains all legal rights to the property, and nothing in the certification agreement is to be construed as granting any legal authority to the National Park Service over the property or any action by the owner/manager. High quality trail segments and sites that contribute resources, potential recreational use, historic quality that can be interpreted, and/or opportunity to vicariously share the experience of the Anza Expedition will all be considered for certification.

Ready to Start the Certification Process?

Your Initial Steps:

1. View the free Certification Webinar recording.
2. Download the Anza Trail Certification Eligibility document.
3. Let us know your interest by contacting our Trail Planner.
4. Complete the Certification Interest Form.

Last updated: July 28, 2021

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