Scouting Programs at the Acadian Cultural Center

Bring your scout group to the Acadian Cultural Center and have fun while learning about nature and the traditions of the area. Programs fulfill the requirements for Scout badges through a Leader Activity Guide, which contains activities to be completed before and after the program.

For more information, call the Acadian Cultural Center, 337-232-0789, 501 Fisher Road Lafayette, Louisiana.

Girl Scout programs:

  • Daisies - Use Resources Wisely Petal – It’s never too early to start …. reducing / reusing / recycling! Help develop wise use of our natural resources through hands-on activities and discussions.
  • Brownies – Eco- explorer Badge - Learn about the living and non-living things in the natural environment, the habitats of several plants and animals, and the food chain.
  • Brownies - Acadian Culture Try-it Badge – Participate in hands on activities to learn about the Acadian culture including visiting with a person of Acadian descent, learning to identify Cajun musical instruments, learning a traditional Cajun dance and Cajun game and more.
  • Girl Scouts – Acadian Heritage Badge - Gain insight into the multitude of traditions of the Acadian people of Louisiana and inspire pride by sharing stories with persons of French descent, listening to traditional Acadian music, learning an Acadian dance, learning a traditional Acadian children’s game of the early 1900s, and plus more.
  • Junior Girl Scouts – Earth Connections Badge - Be an ecologist! Learn about the river ecosystem, and what problems are faced, and what solutions are being discussed.
  • Junior Girl Scouts - Eco-Action Badge - Take action for the environment and help people, animals, and plants stay healthy and the air, soil, and water stay clean. Form an eco-action team and discuss how to reduce pollution, create an eco-action pledge, plant a tree, and decide what you can do to make a difference in improving your community environment.

Boy Scout programs:

  • Tiger Cubs - "Go See It" Requirement/Making My Family Special - Visit a museum and discover how family life was the same and how it was different many years ago. Enjoy a ranger-guided museum tour, document your finds, and participate in a discussion.
  • Wolf Cubs - Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop and Pin - Learn what natural resources are and why it's important to protect them. Make a food chain, learn about endangered species, and find out how animals use camouflage to protect themselves.
  • Webelos - Forester Activity Badge - Learn what types of forests grow in different places. Identify your local trees and find out how they're used, how old they are, and the good and bad points of wildfires. Hands-on activities and discussions a must!
  • Cub Scouts - Summertime Activity Award - Through three summer workshops at the center, earn badges for Leave No Trace, Heritage, Wildlife Conservation, and Language and Culture.
  • Boy Scout Merit Badge - American Cultures - Explore the traditions of two or three groups of different racial, cultural, national, or ethnic backgrounds, one of which is yours! Learn about artistic, religious, and social traditions, look for connections, and figure out how interactions between groups changes them. Requires personal interaction, films, hands-on activities, and discussions.

Last updated: January 11, 2018

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