Quiet/No-Wake Zones

Boating Quiet/No Wake Zones, located in sheltered Lake Superior harbors, bays, and other designated areas, protect the natural quiet and wilderness values sought by many Isle Royale visitors and reduce wake impacts on park resources and paddlers.

Refer to the park newspaper, The Greenstone, for a map showing these zones (pages 6-7).


Boating Quiet/No-Wake Zones

  • Vessels must not create a wake in water areas surrounding a beached boat or canoe within 300 feet.
  • Vessels must not exceed five mph or create a wake in the following areas:

Todd Harbor

Beginning at Kamloops Point, thence following the coastline southwesterly around the perimeter of the harbor to Wilson Point, thence northeasterly on a direct line back to Kamloops Point.

Johns Island

Entire small cove on northeast side of the island.

Barnum/Washington Islands

The sheltered waters bordered on the north by Barnum Island, the west and south by Washington Island, and the east by Booth Island.

Hay Bay

Beginning at a point 1/8 mile northeast of the Hay Bay Campground and dock, thence southwesterly to the end of the bay.

Wright Island

The sheltered cove by historic Wright Island Fishery located on the southwest side of Wright Island.

Malone Bay

Portion of Malone Bay bordered on the east and south by Hat, Ross, and Malone Islands, then northwesterly to the point of land adjacent to the Malone Bay dock, thence northeasterly along the shoreline back to Hat Island.

Chippewa Harbor

All of Chippewa Harbor, beginning with the small, unnamed island of rock located at the narrow entrance to the harbor.

Conglomerate Bay

All of Conglomerate Bay.

Moskey Basin

Beginning at Baker Point and including all of Moskey Basin.

Lorelei Lane

The narrow waterway beginning at the northeast end of Mott Island, thence northeasterly to Smithwick Channel. This zone is bordered on the south by a line of named and unnamed islands including (from SW to NE) Outer Hill, Mad, and Heron Islands. Zone is bordered on the north by Inner Hill, Star, Davidson, Tookers, Shaw, and Smithwick Islands.

Tobin Harbor

Western half of Tobin Harbor, beginning at a line connecting Moose Point on the south and the Duncan Bay Portage Trail on the north, thence southwesterly to the west end of the harbor.

Merritt Lane

All of Merritt Lane, beginning at Red Rock Point near the southwest end of Porter Island, thence northeasterly to a point 1/8 mile northeast of the Merritt Lane Campground dock, and including all waters bounded by Porter Island on the west, Long Island and Third Islands on the south, and Elizabeth and Merritt Islands on the east.

Passage Island

All of the Small Boat Cove on the south side of Passage Island.

Duncan Bay

All of Duncan Bay, including side bays, beginning at the Duncan Bay Narrows.

Five Finger Bay (including Stockly Bay)

All waters within these two bays located south of a line running from Hill Point, thence northeasterly on a straight line through Battleship Island to the main island of Isle Royale.

Lane Cove

All of Lane Cove.

Robinson Bay, Pickerel Cove, Belle Harbor Area

All of the named waters. The coastline of Belle Isle (south shore) and the main island (Isle Royale) define the north, west, and south perimeters of the zone. The eastern perimeter begins at the northeast end of Belle Isle, thence southeast to the southwest end of Cork Island, thence northeasterly to the southwest end of Dean Island, thence northeast along the south shore of Dean Island, and finally on a direct line to Hill Point.

Crystal Cove

All of Crystal Cove on the northeast end of Amygdaloid Island.

McCargoe Cove (including Brady Cove)

All of McCargoe Cove, beginning at Indian Point at the mouth of McCargoe Cove.

Buoy in water with the word: "Slow, No Wake".
Please follow Quiet/No Wake Zones to improve the Isle Royale experience for people and wildlife.


Desiginated No-Wake
Zones Marked by Buoys

  • vessels must not exceed five mph or create a wake.

Rock Harbor

Within the harbor area marked off by the buoys.

Washington Harbor

Within the harbor area marked off by the buoys.

Mott Island

In the Rock Harbor Channel, by the park headquarters area, between the buoys.

Last updated: February 21, 2023

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