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(Isle Royale related texts in bold)

- 1972 World Almanac and Book of Facts
- American Red Cross: First Aid Textbook
- American Red Cross: Red Cross Home Nursing
- Armstrong, Charlotte: The Unsuspected
- Bank, Melissa: The Wonder Spot
- Barnes, Burton V. & Warren H. Wagner, Jr.: Michigan Trees
- Barr, Nevada: Track of the Cat
- Barr, Nevada: Winter Study
- Bellow, Saul: To Jerusalem and Back
- Berke, James Lee: To the Bright and Shining Sun
- Boruch, Marianne: Poems, New and Selected
- Brown, Dan: Digital Fortress
- Bullfinch’s Mythology: The Age of Chivalry: The Legends of Charlemagne
- Burroughs, Edgar Rice: Tarzan of the Apes
- Cerf, Bennet ED.: Famous Ghost Stories
- Christie, Agatha: 4:50 from Paddington
- Christie, Agatha: Death in the Air
- Christie, Agatha: Evil Under the Sun
- Christie, Agatha: Murder in the News
- Christie, Agatha: The Mousestrap
- Christie, Agatha: They Came to Baghdad
- Christie, Agatha: The Witness for the Prosecution
- Crosby, Cindy: By Willoway Brook: Exploring the Landscape of Prayer
- Crosby, Cindy: Waiting for Morning: Hearing God's Voice in the Darkness
- Dufresne, Jim: Isle Royale National Park: Foot Trails and Water Routes (2nd Ed.)
- East, Ben: Fifty Years Ago: My sets to Isle Royale
- Englade, Ken: Hot Blood
- Gale, Thomas P. & Kendra L. Gale: Isle Royale: A Photographic History
- Galsworthy, John: Caravan
- Galsworthy, John: A Modern Comedy
- Galsworthy, John: The Forsyth Saga
- Glasgow, Ellen: The Sheltered Life
- Glime, Janice M: The Elfin World of Mosses and Liverworts of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Isle Royale
- Gostomski, Ted & Janet Marr: Island Life: An Isle Royale Nature Guide
- Hanson, Danaris et al.: Time Upon Once
- Harns, Maurn: Our Kind
- Hart, Mickey & Frederick Lieberman: Planet Drum
- Hilton, James: Rage in Heaven
- Holden, Thom: Above and Below: A History of Lighthouses and Shipwrecks of Isle Royale
- Huber, King N: The Geologic Story of Isle Royale National Park
- Isle Royale Official Map and Guide (Map)
- Janke, Robert: 101 Wildflowers of Isle Royale National Park
- Janke, Robert: The Wildflowers of Isle Royale
- Johnson, Robert G. & Philip C. Shelton: Wildlife of Isle Royale
- Keillor, Garrison: Lake Woebegon Days
- Kerr, Jean: Mary, Mary and Other Play
- Lacy, Robert: Magesty
- Lagler, K.F. & C.R. Goldman: Northwoods Wildlife: A Watcher’s Guide to Habitats
- Lawless, Gary: First Sight of Land
- Lund, Harry C: Michigan Wildflowers (color version)
- Macdonald, Ross: The Wycherly Women
- McCarter, Margaret Hill: Vanguards of the Plains
- McGruney, Annette: Leave No Trace: A Guide to the New Wilderness Etiquette (4th printing)
- Mech, David L: The Wolves of Isle Royale
- Mech, David L: The Wolf: The Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species
- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

- MI Dept. of National Resources Law Enforcement, Michigan Pleasure Boating
- Moyse, Alphonse Jr.: 150 Ways to Play Solitaire
- Munroe, Alice: The Love of a Good Woman
- National Geographic Society: Field Guide to the Birds of North America
- National Geographic Magazine: July 1980 Vol. 158 #1
- National Geographic Magazine: May 1980 Vol. 157 #5
- Newman, Edwin: A Civil Tongue
- Nute, Grace Lee: Lake Superior
- O’Hara, John: A Family Party
- Olson, Sigurd F: Listening Point
- Olson, Sigurd F: Reflections from the North Country
- Olson, Sigurd F: The Singing Wilderness
- Parisi, Joseph: Voices and Visions Viewers Guide
- Parratt, Smetty & Doug Walker: The Place Names of Isle Royale
- Pascucci, John: The Manhunter
- Perich, Shawn: Fishing Lake Superior
- Peterson Field Guide: Eastern Trees
- Peterson Field Guide: Insects
- Peterson Field Guide: Mushrooms
- Peterson, Roger Tory: Peterson First Guides: Birds
- Peterson, Rolf O: Ecological Studies of Wolves on Isle Royale Annual Report 1994-1995
- Peterson, Rolf O: The Wolves of Isle Royale: A Broken Balance
- Powers, Richard: The Overstory
- Promack, Jennie & Thomas J. Sanker: Seasons of the Moose 1992 (1st Ed.)
- Readers Digest Condensed Books Summer 1954
- Readers Digest Condensed Books Autumn 1954
- Readers Digest June 1996 (magazine)
- Rennicke, Jeff: Isle Royale: Moods, Magic and Mystique
- Rombauer, Irma S: The Joy of Cooking
- Root, Robert & Jill Burkland, ED: The Island Within Us: Isle Royale Artists in Residence 1991-1998
- Rydholm, Fred: Michigan Copper: The Untold Story
- Schimelpfenig, Tod & Linda Lindsey: Wilderness First Aid
- Seymour, Paul ED: The New Hoyle Standard
- Shelton, Napier: Superior Wilderness: Isle Royale National Park
- Shelton, Napier: The Life of Isle Royale
- Sivertson, Howard: Once upon an Isle: The Story of Fishing Families on Isle Royale
- Sivertson, Howard: Tales of the Old North Shore
- Stall, Chris: Animal Tracks of the Great Lakes States
- Stonehorse, Frederick: Isle Royale Shipwrecks
- Strong, Paul: Call of the Loon
- The Anonymous Press Mini Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous
- The Best of Daman Rienyon
- The Michigan Botanist Vol.26, No. 3: Flora of Isle Royale
- The Pocket Reader (autology)
- Tolkien, JRR: The Hobbit
- U.S. Coast Guard: Rules of the Road: Great Lakes
- Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary 1981
- Webster’s New World Collegiate Dictionary 1997
- Zim & Shaffer: Rocks and Minerals (Golden Guide)

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