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white flowering dogwood blossoms on branch
Flowering Dogwood
The most common topographic features of the park are the rocky mountain slopes with their novaculite outcrops and lush creek valleys. These areas support mixed stands of oak and hickory interspersed with shortleaf pine on the more exposed slopes and ridgetops. The forest understory contains flowering shrubs, a wide variety of wildflowers, a rare local chinquapin species (Castanea ozarkensis), and occasionally the rare Graves spleenwort (Asplenium gravesei).
Thermal water cascades down a mossy hillside into two concrete collection pools.
Hot Springs Geology

The story of the Park's thermal springs begins with rocks that formed over 400 million years ago...

A lavender colored flower with tendril like petals.

Hot Springs National Park has an abundance of flowers, shrugs, moss, lichens, vines, and trees. Learn more.

A large snake hiding beneath rocks

Learn about the wildlife in the Park.

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