Canoe Warehouse

36' Montreal Canoe
36' Montreal Canoe built in the mid-1970s. Only a few exist. (Click on images to view larger)

NPS photo / Mike Plummer-Steen

The manufacture of fur trade canoes each year at Grand Portage was considerable. "The canoe-yard, for constructing canoes used for penetrating into the interior parts of the country is upon a great scale, seventy canoes per annum having been contracted for," George Heriot, Travels Through the Canadas, 1807.

Canoe Warehouse
Canoe Warehouse built on pilings.

NPS Photo / Linda Morrison

During archeological investigations in the 1963-4 seasons, evidence for a large log structure was found outside the west gate of the stockade. It was built on a poor site which necessitated the use of pilings to level the foundation. Archeologists speculate that it belonged to an independent trader because adequate space still existed for additional NWCo. warehouses inside the stockade.

24' North Canoe
24' North Canoe with decorative painting at bow and stern.

NPS photo / Mike Plummer-Steen

The warehouse has four birchbark canoes on display: a 36-foot Montreal (canot de maitre) and 24-foot North (canot du nord) both constructed by Bill Hafeman, an Ojibwe long nose canoe built by Andy Rockwood and Wally Deschampe and a wild ricing canoe built in Grand Portage over 80 years ago. Visitors can also learn about 18th century craftsmanship and tools in the warehouse.


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NPS Photos / Sharon Layton / John Prenevost
Artwork / Howard Sivertson

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