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Posts on this blog are composed by employees of the National Park Service at Gettysburg National Military Park as well as park interns and guests. Our purpose is to highlight the stories of the battle and campaign, with features on those who were involved in the development and remembrance of the story of Gettysburg. The National Park Service is dedicated to protecting the resource and providing visitors with a full experience in appreciating our nation’s past and we hope you enjoy our blog.

The Memory of Strong Vincent

January 15, 2021 Posted by: Bert Barnett

When one hears the name “Strong Vincent,” association is often made with the desperate fight of a brigade destined to claim the life of one promising 26-year old on the slopes of Little Round Top. Remarked upon in his times by many for his critical role in helping to preserve the Union left, General Meade recommended him for promotion to Brigadier General that evening. Yet, outside the arcane circle of those who share our interest, his example is infrequently remembered.


Seeking Closure: Sarah Ruth's Effort to Discover What Happened to her Son Amos at Gettysburg

September 22, 2020 Posted by: Steven Semmel

Sarah Ruth never knew for certain what happened to her son, Amos, at Gettysburg. Her efforts to secure a pension opened anew the wounds and heartache of losing a son in battle. Like so many others, Amos Ruth was likely killed and buried as an unknown, though his family would never receive that closure they so desperately sought.


A Sojourn on the Plains: The Frontier Service of Henry Heth

August 07, 2020 Posted by: Karlton Smith

While best remembered as the Confederate general who sparked the Battle of Gettysburg, Henry Heth was a career army man who spent many a year on the American frontier. Discover more about his life and army service prior to the Civil War.


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